CorChess is a clone of Stockfish [source code] [source with Large Pages support] maintained for better performance on long time controls,
trying at least partially to fill the gap between regular tests and demands of correspondence players.

My main idea is to improve the following scalability of Stockfish 8.
All patches will be tested under conditions presented in the table below.

Please contact me ( about your experiences with CorChess,
or in the case that you want to be on the CorChess mailing list.

I use strong 2moves book.

Regression tests between CorChess 3.0 and Stockfish 270219
Hash Time control
in seconds
#games Result Elo gain Draw rate
32 MB 18+0.2 7000 1065-1175-4760 -5.46 68%
256 MB 180+2 2000 166-185-1649 -3.30 82.5%
512 MB 1800+20 200 10-8-182 +3.47 91%
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From Stockfish to CorChess (in detail)

If you want to support the project please send your small donations by PayPal to
The amount of donated money will be displayed here (within 48 hours), and it will be used only for testing CorChess.
You can also send your ideas / codes on how to improve Stockfish on higher depths (above 20).

Money donated so far: $70, 50

Motto: Alone I can nothing, with God I can everything (St. Vincent Pallotti).